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Technical Support

The Center is committed to providing assistance and support in the following manner:

  • Review of proposed TMDLs - provide a technical review and comments for proposed or pre-proposed TMDLs.
  • Task Order Manager - Act as Task Order Manager for the National Watershed Contract, providing technical oversight over the contractors to ensure consistency and quality in the approaches taken to develop TMDLs.
  • Technical Advisory Group - Center staff will participate as technical advisors
  • Model Application - take the lead in the application of models that will be used in the development of TMDLs, Implementation, waste load allocation
  • Data Analysis - provide assistance in data acquisition and analysis
  • Post TMDL Implementation - provide assistance in the development of TMDL implementation.
  • Best Management Practice Analysis - provide assistance in the selection and placement of BMP's in the watershed

For technical support, contact Tim Wool, 404-562-9260.

 Technical Support Center fact sheet (PDF, 2 pp., 733 KB, about PDF)

TMDL fact sheet (PDF, 2 pp., 697 KB, about PDF)

Contact the Athens, GA Ecosystems Research Web editor to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem.

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