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Grant Awards to Support Bed Bug Education, Outreach and Environmental Justice Projects

April 6, 2011

EPA has awarded five grants totaling $550,000 for bedbug education, outreach and environmental justice projects.  The projects supported through these grants will be designed to build broad, results-oriented partnerships for education and outreach programs to reduce bed bug infestations in communities disproportionately exposed to environmental risks.  In addition, these awards are intended to support a diverse set of outreach and education projects designed to provide models and examples of outreach and education programs that can be used by other communities in their fight against bed bugs.

The recipients of the five grants are:

Monitoring methods will be evaluated and several surveys conducted to assess cost, frequency, severity, awareness and impacts of bed bug control.

EPA believes that many communities, though geographically quite distant and distinct, may face similar problems when controlling bed bugs. By effectively networking and collaborating, these communities can learn from each other’s successes and failures, which could result in improved control of bed bugs and conservation of valuable limited health resources.

Because resources are increasingly scarce, it is crucial that all facets of government, industry, and academia work together efficiently. Effective bed bug control takes active participation and cannot be done in isolation, especially when multi-unit housing is involved. Collaboration and communication among all stakeholders are critical to minimizing cost and maximizing control at the community level. Through this grant project, EPA is making funds available to facilitate this interaction and collaboration.

For more information on bed bugs, please see http://www.epa.gov/bedbugs/.

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