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Notice of Data Availability (NODA) – NOx CAIR FIP Allocations

On March 15, 2006, EPA promulgated Federal Implementation Plans (FIPs) for all states covered by the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR). The FIPs will regulate electric generating units (EGUs) in the affected states and achieve the emission reductions required by CAIR until each affected state has an approved CAIR State Implementation Plan (SIP) to achieve the reductions.

The CAIR FIP preamble indicated that the EPA intended to release a Notice of Data Availability (NODA) for CAIR FIP NOx allocations for 2009-2014, provide the public and opportunity to submit objections to the data, and then publish a final NODA for the NODA that incorporates any better available data submitted by the public. In this action, the EPA is issuing that final NODA, showing NOx annual and ozone season allowance allocations for potential CAIR-affected units for years 2009 through 2014. The NODA provides sources with the opportunity to view their current allocations and their status as a potential existing CAIR unit under the FIP.

The NODA provides EPA determined allocations for potential existing CAIR units, however it is EPA's preference that State-determined allowances be recorded for sources wherever possible. The source allowance allocations determined in the NODA will only be used for sources located in a State without a timely approved SIP. Most States have submitted a SIP. EPA will withdraw any State's FIP in coordination with approval of a full CAIR SIP implementing the requirements of CAIR.

1. Final Notice of Data Availability (NODA)

Notice of Data Availability for EGU NOx Annual and NOx Ozone Season Allocations for the Clean Air Interstate Rule Federal Implementation Plan Trading Program (PDF, 43 pp, 120 K, About PDF)
This NODA provides general information about the action. It explains how the action relates to the CAIR FIP, what underlying data was used in the allowance determinations, how the tables are formatted, and discusses certain data limitations.

2. Allocation Tables

Final Data for EGU NOx Annual and NOx Ozone Season Allocations for the Clean Air Interstate Rule Federal Implementation Plan Trading Programs (2009 through 2014 allowance allocations) (Excel, 9.3 MB)
This allocation file contains nine tables. The first two tables provide the annual and ozone season NOx allowance allocations. The remaining seven tables provide underlying heat input and fuel data used to determine each unit's baseline heat input.

3. Technical Support Document (TSD)

Data Field Description for the CAIR FIP NOx Annual and NOx Ozone Season Allocation Tables (2009 through 2014 allowance allocations) (PDF 13 pp, 49 K, About PDF)
Describes the data fields in the tables of the allocations file.

4. Response to Objections

Response to the Objections for the Notice of Data Availability (NODA), Proposed Allocation of NOx Allowances under the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) Federal Implementation Plan (FIP). (PDF 40 pp, 125 K, About PDF)
This document summarizes each of the objections EPA received in response to its August 4, 2006 NODA. It also provides EPA's response to each objection, explaining whether or not the objections are reflected in the allowance determinations. The two attachments provide a more general summary of the heat input and applicability comments received.


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