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Chemical Data Reporting (CDR)

IUR Data

For 2006

The 2006 IUR includes information about chemicals manufactured or imported in quantities of 25,000 pounds or more at a single site during calendar year 2005. In addition to the basic manufacturing information collected in previous reporting cycles, the 2006 cycle is the first time EPA collected information to characterize exposure during manufacturing, processing and use of organic chemicals. The 2006 cycle also is the first time manufacturers of inorganic chemicals were required to report basic manufacturing information.

EPA is providing non-confidential 2006 IUR data for public use. When possible, the Agency also provides nationally aggregated information using both confidential and non-confidential data.

There are two ways to access the 2006 IUR data. You may download the full public database or you may search the database on-line, either by chemical or by company.

Downloadable 2006 IUR Public Database (ver. 2.0)

Search 2006 Database by Chemical or by Company

Note that version 2.0 of the 2006 IUR public database contains corrections and additions to version 1.1. Changes include corrections to chemical identities, production volumes, site or company identities and addresses. Other changes include the addition or removal of individual chemical records due to amended submissions. Overall, 1547 chemical/site specific records were added to the database, resulting in the addition of 547 unique chemicals.

  • Background document for using the 2006 IUR Public Database (PDF) (4 pp, 37K, About PDF)
    This document describes the IUR public database and the specific data elements that are included in this database. To help users of the 2006 public IUR database, this document also includes a discussion on considerations when using the public data and how the public data relates to the actual data reported for the 2006 IUR.

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