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Risk Management and Chemical Accident Prevention

Under the authority of section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act, the Chemical Accident Prevention Provisions require facilities that produce, handle, process, distribute, or store certain chemicals to develop a Risk Management Program, prepare a Risk Management Plan (RMP), and submit the RMP to EPA. Covered facilities were initially required to comply with the rule in 1999, and the rule has been amended on several occasions since then, most recently in 2004.

Accessing and Reviewing RMP Information

Central Data Exchange (CDX)

(For Facilities): Risk Management Plan (RMP) Preparers and Certifying Official who have set up a Central Data Exchange Account (CDX) can now access their RMPs at any time via RMP*eSubmit application software.

(For the Public): Risk Management Plan (RMP) information may be accessed via the Federal Reading Rooms.

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