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Emissions by Category Chart - Criteria Air Pollutants

Geographic Area: United States
Pollutant: Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Volatile Organic Compounds, Sulfur Dioxide, Particulate (size < 2.5 micrometers), or Particulate (size < 10 micrometers)
Year: 2002

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Disclaimer: Emissions information for this chart comes from an extract of EPA's National Emission Inventory (NEI) database. Data were extracted in August 2008 (2002 emissions) and August 2005 (pre-2002 emissions). NEI is an emissions database developed by EPA. It is based partially on emission data obtained from State and local agencies, but it is not a database of official State emissions data. Please contact the appropriate State agency to obtain information on a State's official emission inventory. Please contact EPA to report errors.

Readers are cautioned not to infer a qualitative ranking order of geographic areas based on AirData maps, charts, or reports. Air pollution levels measured in the vicinity of a particular monitoring site may not be representative of the prevailing air quality of a county or urban area. Pollutants emitted from a particular source may have little impact on the immediate geographic area, and the amount of pollutants emitted does not indicate whether the source is complying with applicable regulations.

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