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State and County Emission Summaries

State Summary

The graph below shows state-level emissions grouped by major source sectors. The same information is also available for the individual counties below.

Note to users of screen readers: The following links provide the chart data for the state-level emissions chart.
Bar chart of Sector1
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County Summary

The map below shows relative emission density (tons per square mile) by dividing counties into three groups, with the darker-shaded counties having higher relative emission density. This is not an indicator of air quality. To compare counties with respect to air quality and health-related information, visit the AirCompare Web site. To view county emission summaries, select a county from the drop-down menu or from the map. Results will appear beside the map.

*Counties on the map that show up white have no Nitrogen Oxides reported.

Sullivan County Strafford County Rockingham County Merrimack County Hillsborough County Grafton County Coos County Cheshire County Carroll County Belknap County Choropleth map of density

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