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Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
East Chicago, IN

Understanding the Monitoring Data

EPA, states and local air agencies are collecting air monitoring information in communities near schools across the U.S.  The purpose of this study is to look at whether certain pollutants in outdoor air around selected schools might be a health concern for school-age children, school staff, or the surrounding community.  EPA will use the results of this work to identify follow-up actions that may be needed.

EPA is looking at the monitoring results in two ways:

  1. To keep your community informed during the monitoring period, we have provided individual sample results here on this Web site throughout the monitoring period. The next page shows:
    • air measurements from around the school available during the monitoring period,
    • “sample comparison levels” for comparison to the sample measurements while monitoring is still under way,
    • background information on the monitoring location, and
    • background information on the key pollutants being measured in the air at that site.

Click here to see individual sample results

  1. At the end of the monitoring period, EPA is looking at the complete set of air measurements for the key pollutants monitored at each school.  We will consider the potential for long-term health problems from these pollutants if a person were to breathe the pollutant levels continuously (24 hours a day, seven days a week) for a lifetime.
Click here to see the results of this analysis


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