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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Benefits of Partnership

In addition to having access to the information, tools, and resources available on the CHP Partnership website, Partners have access to the following additional benefits:

Association with EPA through a Demonstrated Commitment to CHP

Partnering with EPA demonstrates your organization's commitment to CHP and understanding of CHP's environmental, economic, and reliability benefits. As a Partner, you are a part of a coalition of private and public partners working to expand CHP use.

Expert Advice and Answers to Questions

Partners can contact our helpline at chp@epa.gov or (703) 373-8108 to ask questions or receive one-on-one tailored assistance. Some of the areas where we can offer information and assistance include:

CHP News

The CHP Partnership tracks topical CHP news, opportunities, and events, and sends emails to stakeholders and Partners. Some information is exclusively sent to Partners such as timely CHP funding opportunities and a monthly summary of updates or additions made to dCHPP (Database of CHP policies and incentives).

Marketing Resources

As a Partner, your organization can:

  • Nominate CHP projects for the ENERGY STAR® CHP Award
  • Receive an EPA Letter of Support that documents the anticipated avoided air pollutant emissions of a specific CHP system
  • Be considered for speaking opportunities in CHPP webinars and meetings
  • Request that EPA publicize your organization's events

Publicity and Recognition

We provide a number of publicity and recognition opportunities for our Partners, including:

  • The ENERGY STAR® CHP Award which recognizes Partners affiliated with highly efficient CHP projects.
  • Partner profiles on our website, including links to your organization's CHP-related Web page and videos that highlight your company services, products, and CHP successes.
  • Use of the CHP Partnership logo, in accordance with EPA guidelines, on your website and other materials to highlight your partnership with EPA.

    CHP logo

  • An annual Certificate of Greenhouse Gas Reduction that shows the carbon reductions associated with all of the operational CHP projects that you report to us as a Partner. You can use this certificate to promote the environmental benefits of your work to external stakeholders, or to publicize the benefits of your work in annual reports or corporate environmental sustainability reports.

    CHP logo

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