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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Annual Reporting

Have You Submitted Your Project Data?

When companies join the EPA's Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership, they agree to provide basic project data on operational CHP projects as well as CHP-related activity annually. EPA's CHP Partnership asks Partners to provide information on planned CHP projects, either verbally or with the Annual Reporting Form (below). Besides being a requirement of the partnership, it's a great way to highlight the environmental benefits of your projects.

To help Partners provide project data as easily as possible, we have developed a Microsoft Excel Annual Reporting Form (XLS, 81K, About XLS Exit EPA) that can be downloaded and e-mailed to the Partnership.

EPA's CHP Partnership requests project data for many reasons:

  • To calculate the environmental benefits of Partners' CHP projects.
  • To provide Partners with their individual annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Report summarizing the GHG emission reductions from their CHP projects.
  • To promote the benefits of operational CHP projects through case studies (with Partners' permission).
  • To facilitate education about CHP technologies, emission characteristics, efficiencies, and CHP applications in different sectors.
  • To track projects and determine where EPA should focus its efforts to facilitate project implementation.


We understand that our Partners require confidentiality, especially on planned projects. We use project information internally only, for the purposes detailed above. With the express permission of the Partner, we may use information about operational projects to publicize the environmental benefits of CHP. EPA is available to work with Partners to determine their specific needs for information management.

If you need assistance completing the CHP Project Data Reporting Form, please contact the Partnership at chp@epa.gov or (703) 373-8108.

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