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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Partner Responsibilities

CHP Partner Responsibilities

Maintaining Partnership Status

Partners have three responsibilities to maintain Partnership status:

  • Designate and Maintain a CHP Liaison
    The CHP Liaison is the primary point of contact between EPA and a Partner organization. The CHP Liaison receives Partnership-related announcements and the annual data collection request. The CHP Liaison can also contact the CHP Partnership at any time with questions or concerns. A Partner organization designates its CHP Liaison on the Letter of Intent that the Partner signs when joining the CHP Partnership, and can update its liaison at anytime on the Update My Info form.

  • Annual Reporting Requirement
    Each year, the Partner provides data to EPA using an Annual Reporting Form on existing CHP projects, new project development, and other CHP-related activities.

    To maintain the value of Partner status for all our Partners, membership is limited to only those Partners who fulfill their annual reporting responsibilities.

  • Regulatory Compliance
    All Partners are expected to comply with applicable federal and state environmental laws.

CHP Partnership Logo Guidelines

Partners are encouraged to use EPA's CHP Partnership (CHPP) logo, in accordance with certain guidelines. Partners may include the CHPP logo in sales, marketing, and advertising materials.

  • All Partners are expected to conform to EPA's guidance on appropriate use of the CHP Partnership logo. Partners should refer to the CHPP Logo Guidelines.

  • If a Partner does not meet the requirements for maintaining Partnership status listed above, the Partner would not be able to continue using the CHPP logo until all program requirements are met.

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