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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

C2 Biotechnologies, LLC

Contact NameLarry Cosenza
Title Founder & Chief Science Manager
Email lcosenza@c2biotechnologies.com
Address 4663 Route 9G
Germantown, NY 12526
Phone (518) 537-7678
Partner Services CHP Project Developer
Web Site http://www.c2biotechnologies.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
CHP-Related Web Page http://www.c2biotechnologies.com/index.php/products/5-enzyme-enhanced-microbial-anaerobic-digester-eemad Exit EPA Disclaimer
C2 Biotechnologies (C2B) develops advanced, nature-based biotechnologies to convert waste to energy at its source and allow its clients to reduce their carbon footprints while being profitable, self-sufficient, and self-sustainable. C2B does this by offering clients the opportunity to own and operate its enzyme enhanced microbial anaerobic digester (EEMAD). The microbial communities inside of the digester convert organic material into biogas which can be burned to generate heat or electricity. The company's enzyme technology pre-treats digester feed stocks which speeds up the operation and facilitates the release of more energy. C2B transfers the enzyme technology to the client for on-site production and works with "small" clients. Small clients are entities that have 1-5 tons of food waste per day available for recovery and conversion to energy. To ease the burden of operating EEMAD, C2B offers engineering and design, project management, CHP operation and maintenance, and 24-hour system monitoring packages to its customers. All of the company's projects can be financed through Allstate Capital.

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