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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

ClearEdge Power

Contact NameMike Upp
Title Vice President, Marketing
Email mupp@clearedgepower.com
Address 7175 NW Evergreen Parkway, Suite 100
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Phone (877) 257-3343 x1609
Fax (503) 693-1707
Partner Services Equipment Manufacturer
Web Site http://www.clearedgepower.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
CHP-Related Web Page http://clearedgepower.com/energy-independence/how-it-works-today Exit EPA Disclaimer
ClearEdge Power micro Combined Heat and Power (microCHP) systems cleanly convert natural gas into heat and electricity by using a fuel cell to create energy, unlike conventional power sources that burn fossil fuels. Here's how it works: first, a fuel processor separates hydrogen from natural gas by sending it through a series of catalytic reactors; second, the hydrogen-rich gas is fed to a fuel cell stack (often consisting of hundreds of "cells") where the chemical energy is converted directly to electrical energy, creating water and heat as byproducts. Since the fuel cell stack, like a battery, generates Direct Current (DC) power, an inverter system is then used to convert the energy into 120-volt Alternate Current (AC) power. Instead of requiring electricity generated at a power plant to travel hundred of miles through transmission lines, the ClearEdge Power microCHP converts natural gas into heat and electricity at the source of consumption.

Efficiencies are realized in two ways. First, the energy normally lost when electricity travels through the electrical grid is no longer a factor. Second, the unit captures and re-purposes the heat it creates in electricity production for heating purposes. The result: it requires 40% less natural gas to generate the same energy generated and delivered through conventional distribution practices.

The onsite ClearEdge5 is a 5kW fuel cell energy system for commercial and residential use that offers a combined heat and power solution for buildings with clear environmental benefits, impressive financial savings, and positive environmental impacts.

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