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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Coronal, LLC

Contact NameStephen W. Korstad
Title President and CEO
Email skorstad@coronal.us
Address 20 Red Fox Road
St. Paul, MN 55127-6331
Phone (651) 765-0300
Fax (651) 765-0288
Partner Services Financier
Web Site http://www.coronal.us/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
Coronal provides ownership and financing for CHP projects in the 1 to 50 MW range. Coronal uses leverage lease or tax-exempt lease financing to provide debt or equity money. The company can own the energy system and lease it to the energy user on a long-term basis. The company has teamed with Burns & McDonnell, a national engineering/architectural firm, to design-build, finance, own, operate, and maintain (DBFOOM) CHP on-site energy systems. Burns & McDonnell can design-build the CHP on-site energy system to meet both the thermal and electrical needs of the energy user. Coronal markets DBFOOM services throughout the United States, concentrating on large energy users. Fortune 1000 companies, hospitals, colleges and universities, and municipalities can benefit from CHP on-site energy systems to reduce energy costs, increase reliability and security, and at the same time protect the environment.

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