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Combined Heat and Power Partnership


Contact NameDaniel Sterner
Title Corporate Energy Manager
Email daniel.sterner@covidien.com
Address 675 McDonnell Blvd.
Hazelwood, MO 63042
Phone (314) 654-3162
Fax (317) 654-4000
Partner Services End-user
Web Site http://www.covidien.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
CHP-Related Web Page http://www.covidien.com/covidien/pages.aspx?page=AboutUs/Sustainability Exit EPA Disclaimer
Covidien is a global producer of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies. Covidien's Surgical Devices Global Business Unit began the year by initiating a five-megawatt co-generation power plant on the grounds of its North Haven, Connecticut site. The new system provides electricity and steam for two manufacturing buildings on the 60-acre campus. Its capabilities include recovering waste heat from the gas engines and supplying steam and hot water for use in the manufacturing process.

A surge in the cost of electricity caused the North Haven plant to reevaluate their energy usage and explore new ways to not only cut costs but conserve energy as well. Surgical Devices had just completed a 10-year contract during which electricity rates had increased 100%, and the outlook for upcoming years in the Connecticut area was for even higher charges. A five-megawatt natural gas-fired engine proved to be the answer to a much-needed alternative energy supply, reducing electrical bills by nearly 50% during its first year of operation.

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