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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Eco Power Solutions

Contact NameKevin Crapsey
Title Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Email kevin.crapsey@ecopowersolutions.com
Address 950 Breckenridge Lane Suite 170
Louisville, KY 40207
Phone (502) 716-7195
Fax (502) 716-7206
Partner Services CHP Project Developer
Eco Power provides a suite of advanced emissions control technology that includes a Multi-Pollutant Air Quality Control System (MP-AQCS Reactor Module) and a CO2 capture and conversion system.

EPS? all-in-one MP-AQCS Reactor Module captures more than 95% of both regulated and unregulated air pollutants of mercury, NOx, SOx, arsenic, chromium, nickel, other heavy metals, and acid gases. The MP-AQCS Reactor Module alone captures up to 30% of CO2, while incorporating the CO2 Capture Module helps achieve capture rates of up to 90%.

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