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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Element Markets

Contact NameThomas Jacobsen
Title Vice President
Email tjacobsen@elementmarkets.com
Address 3555 Timmons Lane Suite 900
Houston, TX 77096
Phone (713) 591-0070
Fax (281) 207-7211
Partner Services Financier
Web Site http://www.elementmarkets.com/index.php Exit EPA Disclaimer
Element Markets is a supplier and marketer of environmental credits in the CHP, waste heat recovery, renewable energy, green house gas, and emissions credit markets. Founded in 2005, Element Markets maximizes the value of credits generated by facilities it manages through monitoring, identifying and executing transactions within the volatile environmental commodities markets. As a leader in providing technical guidance and credit monetization for CHP projects, Element Markets has longstanding relationships with hospitals, commercial and industrial entities, as well as the utilities and load serving entities that have a compliance obligation to procure credits generated from CHP projects. Element Markets is a coalition builder, successfully leading efforts to engage with state legislative and regulatory bodies as they evaluate and interpret renewable energy policies.

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