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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Enercon Engineering

Contact NameJeff Crisman
Email jcrisman@enercon-eng.com
Address 440 S. LaSalle Suite #3100
Chicago, IL 60605
Phone (312) 260-5089
Partner Services Equipment Manufacturer
Web Site http://www.enercon-eng.com/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
CHP-Related Web Page http://www.enercon-eng.com/index.php?section=44 Exit EPA Disclaimer
Enercon Engineering has met the growing demands of the worldwide power generation industry for over a quarter of a century. Engineering and assembly of CHP packaged systems has been a portion of their products since the inception of their packaging division in 1981. Currently, Enercon systems are operating in over 80 countries worldwide. Enercon's unique complete systems approach allows the company to provide customers with the answers to their power generation requirements by combining the company's quality controls and switchgear with their custom generator packaging capabilities. Enercon's complete range of products includes containerized generator packages, steel and aluminum custom generator housings, sound attenuating designs for stationary and portable generator packages, generator switchgear for low and medium voltag applications through 15 KV, and accessory items ranging from battery racks to their exclusive Enermuf exhaust silencers. Enercon's production facilities in East Preoria, Illinois, and Barnesville, Georgia, include generator testing facilities including resistive and reactive load banks and transformer for testing generators through 13.8 KV at .8 power factor.

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