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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Envio Energi LLC

Contact NameRoland O. Fjallstrom
Title President & CEO
Email rfjallstrom@envioenergi.com
Address Sales & Engineering Office P.O. Box 2629
Cleveland, GA 30528
Phone (706) 348-7272
Partner Services Equipment Manufacturer
Envio Energi is a specialized supplier of bio-fuel energy systems. The company engineers, designs, manufactures, constructs, and installs complete bio-fuel energy plants for the production of heat or combined heat and power (CHP) for clients throughout North America. The patented combustion process helps to ensure a safe and efficient solution combined with effective combustion and very low environmental impact.

Envio Energi can supply energy systems of various ranges; from very small (2 megawatts thermal) to moderately large (60+ megawatts thermal). The company designs each combustion process to meet the various needs of the client. The heat generated can be used to produce hot water, steam, electrical power, hot air and even chilled water for use in the manufacturing processes and heating/cooling systems.

The energy systems can operate on a wide range of solid bio-fuels of varying moisture contents, including: wood chips, wood waste, bark, saw dust, pellets, briquettes, peat moss, hog fuel, agricultural waste, and more.

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