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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Equity Office Properties

Contact NameAnthony Zografos
Title General Manager, 717 5th Avenue
Email tony_zografos@equityoffice.com
Address 1065 Avenue of the Americas 27th Floor
New York City, NY 10018
Phone (212) 520-7979
Fax (212) 520-8001
Partner Services End-user
Web Site http://www.equityoffice.com/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
Equity Office is one of the largest commercial landlords in the U.C. The company owns more than 60 million square feet of office space in the country's top markets, including Boston, Manhattan, Los Angles, and Northern California. The company embraced CHP technology and today owns a 1.6 megawatt system located in the Plaza District of New York City.

It is the first of its kind to be synchronously interconnected to the critical midtown network grid of utility provider Con Edison. The system was engineered, built, and installed on a turnkey basis by CHP specialists with Endurant Energy, who currently provides management support of the operations and maintenance of the system. It generates electric power during high- and mid-peak hours, and provides chilled water and hot water for building space cooling and heating, respectively. It provides nearly 65% of the building's peak summer electric demand.

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