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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

HBH Gas Systems

Contact NameHarris M. Baker
Title President
Email hbaker@pinnpropane.com
Address P.O. Box 164350
Austin, TX 78716
Phone (512) 306-0073
Partner Services Utility
HBH Gas Systems specializes in the marketing, design, and implementation of fully engineered community propane distribution systems for communities and facilities outside of the natural gas grid. HBH believes that centralized gas systems support sustainable development with the economic convenience and energy efficiency of an environmentally responsible alternative energy. Each community system allows all the homes in the neighborhood to be supplied with propane from a single facility, eliminating the need for individual tanks. The gas is distributed, metered, serviced and billed just like natural gas. The company seeks to promote CHP for schools, amenities, and commercial and retail buildings nationwide.

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