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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

I Stood Watch Corporation

Contact NameDaryl Brandt
Title President
Email brandt.daryl@yahoo.com
Address 1244 Fontana Blvd.
Hazelton, IA 50641
Phone (319) 238-1822
Partner Services CHP Project Developer
I Stood Watch Corporation recycles wood waste from town and city brush dumps. I Stood Watch Corporation uses the brush to build log houses for Disabled Veterans and low income housing. Along with these homes I Stood Watch Corporation builds greenhouses to raise vine ripened tomatoes for local sales. The housing and greenhouses can produce all their own heat and electricity from that same brush dump. I Stood Watch Corporation works to develop these projects across the country and works with local area Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business to build them. I Stood Watch Corporation's other projects include long term projects such as large biomass combined heat and power (CHP) for VA Hospitals, State, Federal and local government buildings and large businesses.

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