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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

KapStone Charleston Kraft LLC

Contact NameAmy Artmeier
Title Senior Enviornmental Engineer
Email amy.artmeier@kapstonepaper.com
Address PO Box 118005
Charleston, SC 29423
Phone (843) 745-3250
Fax (843) 745-3195
Partner Services End-user
Web Site http://www.kapstonepaper.com/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
KapStone Charleston Kraft LLC, a paper mill located in South Carolina, owns and operates a cogeneration facility which began operation in 1999. The cogeneration plant consists of one main boiler, rated at 1,337 million metric british thermal units (MMBtu) per hour heat input, three auxiliary boilers each rated at 313 MMBtu per hour heat input, and one turbine generator. Annual calculated thermal efficiencies for the facility range from about 72 percent to nearly 84 percent.

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