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Combined Heat and Power Partnership


Contact NameRick Young
Title Engineering
Email ryoung@kathabar.com
Address 1 Executive Dr Suite 410
Somerset, NJ 08873
Phone (732) 412-6616 x 202
Partner Services Equipment Manufacturer
Web Site http://www.kathabar.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
Kathabar manufactures desiccant dehumidification equipment that can efficiently use recovered heat from a power generator to cool and dehumidify building makeup air. This reduces the refrigeration cooling load by 30 to 75 percent, depending on the makeup air ration. The Kathabar system can also lower the building relative humidity, permitting higher temperature setpoints with the same comfort level, resulting in additional refrigeration savings. With the Kathabar system, the cooling cools in the HVAC equipment operate with no condensation. This eliminates mold growth and improves indoor air quality. Kathabar is now Part of Ross Air Systems, Inc.

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