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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

KGRA Energy

Contact NameJason Gold
Title CEO
Email jason@kgraenergy.com
Address 1086 N. Marshfield Ave #2
Chicago, IL 60622
Phone (832) 303-2162
Partner Services CHP Project Developer
Web Site http://www.kgraenergy.com/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
KGRA Energy, LLC provides clean power solutions to industrial operators while reducing their energy costs. KGRA designs, builds, finances, operates, and maintains the equipment for power solutions throughout the duration of its useful life. With field-proven technology, the company harnesses waste heat emitted from the industrial process or equipment of their customers to generate clean electricity - either for sale back to their customers as a means to reduce their energy costs or for sale into the electrical grid. By harnessing waste heat from the exhaust and cooling fluids of industrial equipment or processes, a company can generate clean electricity without the need to combust additional fossil fuels, significantly boosting their energy efficiency. KGRA's solutions can provide an operator with a near constant supply of electricity at a fixed price.

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