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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

LAN Associates, Inc.

Contact NameJoe Gross
Title Staff Engineer
Email jgross@lan-fl.com
Address 88 Riberia St. Suite 400
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Phone (904) 824-6999
Fax (904) 824-0726
Partner Services Consultant/Engineering
Web Site http://www.lan-fl.com/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
CHP-Related Web Page http://www.lan-fl.com/services/energy/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
LAN has worked with a number of facilities, performing economic and feasibility studies related to CHP, cogeneration, tri-generation, microgrids, combined cycle applications, etc. to assess energy alternatives and savings. LAN has also worked with these facilities to obtain air permits for on-site power generation/CHP systems.

The following is an abbreviated list of tasks LAN routinely performs related to CHP:
  • Perform engineering review of all electrical and thermal load data to determine client's energy profile for proposed CHP project.
  • Perform preliminary mechanical and electrical calculations for the proposed CHP project.
  • Perform a cost benefit analysis.
  • Initiate discussions with the electric utility around interconnection feasibility.
  • Initiate discussions with the gas utility around supply and interconnection feasibility.
  • Perform a determination of local zoning, building, and environmental permit path timelines.
  • Perform air construction and operations permitting.
  • Confirm equipment sizing and project pricing scenarios based on findings.
  • Review state and federal CHP incentives and state portfolio standards.
  • Update the financial model with findings and produce detailed cash flow estimate.
  • Present detailed cash flow estimate and return-on-investment analysis, including all eligible federal tax benefits and state incentives.

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