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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

LightRidge Resources

Contact NameRoger Hurst
Title Founder and President
Email roger.hurst@lightridgeresources.com
Address 1111 N. Loop West Suite 200
Houston, TX 77008
Phone (713) 862-0202
Fax (713) 862-0211
Partner Services Consultant/Engineering
Web Site http://www.lightridgeresources.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
LightRidge Resources LLC (LRR) offers asset management solutions that improve energy and utility operational efficiencies and design improvements. LRR employs a powerful energy and utility management system designed to minimize overall costs by modeling and optimizing: complex utility systems (steam, fuel, power, and water), utility system interactions, emissions, utility and process interfaces, and commodity supply agreements, with the objective of reducing costs and achieving environmental compliance. The system is effectively used to identify strategies and projects, verify benefits, generate strategies and projects, and facilitate production and infrastructure planning.

LRR's system is used to assess the potential benefit from applying the online optimization to cogeneration-based power plants. LRR applied real-time online optimization to a CHP site consisting of three combustion turbines, four fired boilers, two steam turbines, six chillers (absorption and mechanical), and two cooling towers, as well as a thermal storage tank and water loops.

In addition, LRR provides software, professional services, and related strategic asset management support to the power, chemical, refining, and other process industries, as well as complex facilities, such as universities and hospitals. LRR is included in the U.S. Department of Energy's qualified list of energy service companies.

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