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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Maine Micro Furnace, Inc.

Contact NameNorman Reef
Title President
Email nsreef@cs.com
Address P. O. Box 11464
Portland, ME 04104
Phone (207) 329-9207
Partner Services Equipment Manufacturer
Web Site http://www.mainemicrofurnace.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
Maine Micro Furnace is a start up company that has patented a technology for generating combined heat and power (CHP) in a tube that is five feet high and twenty one inches in diameter using any dry organic material for its fuel. The combustion is completed without the emission of either air derived Nitrogen Oxide nor Carbon Dioxide. The system is intended to be placed in factories that produce waste streams and use those streams as fuel instead of hauling it to a landfill. In spite of it's size, the tube can generate up to three million BTUs per hour. If the demand for energy is greater, the tubes can be ganged to meet the need. This energy can be converted into steam, heat, and/or electricity to be used on site to relieve the grid and reduce dependence on foreign oil. The system has the ability to be turned on and off at will without waiting or warm up time. Maine Micro Furnace has developed this technology and is currently testing the third generation. The research and development is essentially completed and Maine Micro Furnace will be entering the marketing stage very shortly.

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