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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

O'Gara Goett Partners LLC

Contact NameKenneth O'Gara
Title Principal
Email kogara@ogaragoett.com
Address 108 Village Square Suite 204
Somers, NY 10589
Phone (347) 405-1954
Partner Services Financier
Web Site http://www.ogaragoett.com/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
CHP-Related Web Page http://www.ogaragoett.com/energy.html Exit EPA Disclaimer
O'Gara Goett Partners, LLC (OGP) is a financial services firm providing "Intelligent Capital" to credit-worthy clients with requirements in energy, real estate and equipment. The company also provides advisory services focused on the alignment of fixed assets with client businesses.

OGP facilitates clients' efforts to improve performance & market share while reducing balance sheets and carbon footprint.

Clients engage OGP due to the company's experience, objectivity and independence. OGP does not sell or place products; they develop and harness structures, equipment and systems that allow clients to best allocate capital and achieve the highest return on investment.

Using proven and transparent frameworks, OGP tailors a range of solutions to each client's unique objectives focused on the impact on balance sheets, income statements and performance metrics. Knowledge of and access to financial incentives further drives results. OGP's access to capital markets completes the blend of elements in delivering optimal capital solutions to clients.

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