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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Oroville Cogeneration L.P.

Contact NameDaren Anderson
Title President
Email da@thenescogroup.com
Address 303 Parkplace Ctr, Suite G-125
Kirkland, WA 98033
Phone (425) 576-1911 x118
Fax (425) 576-1965
Partner Services CHP Project Developer
The Oroville Cogen facility consists of seven natural gas fired reciprocating engines producing 7.5 MW of electricity. The plant is located at 695 Cal Oak Drive, Oroville, CA. The electricity is sold under a long-term contract to Pacific Gas and Electric. 30 million Btu/hr of thermal heat in the form of hot water and 16,000 lbs/hr of steam is available for sale from the current operation. Oroville is looking for new heating and cooling customers for the current operation and expansion. Historically, Oroville Cogeneration has achieved 98% - 99% availability.

There is approximately 20 acres of industrial land adjacent to the plant to the east. The area is eligible for new market tax credits for new projects or new businesses. The new market tax credit is a federal tax credit equal to 30% of the capital cost of qualified projects.

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