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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Recovery Technology, LLC

Contact NameWesley Cate
Email wcate@firebornenergy.com
Address PO Box 1791
Somerset, KY 42502
Phone (606) 679-8591
Fax (606) 676-0197
Partner Services CHP Project Developer
Recovery Technology, LLC is a Kentucky corporation focused on developing cogeneration opportunities, Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) technology and clean, efficient compressor technology. Initially, Recovery Technology will be working with independent natural gas producers to harness stranded natural gas and turn it into a viable source for electricity. This is a clean, alternative source of electricity that will work around the clock and help maintain a constant source of power for the grid system.

While developing the cogeneration facilities, Recovery Technology will be developing and testing their VRUs. These units will be capturing "waste energy" which is in fact the natural gas being vented from oil tanks. This gas can be reinjected into the formation, compressed, and put into a pipeline, or if economical, can be converted into electricity. All of these options are better for both the environment and the producer.

Recovery Technology, LLC is focused on providing the most technologically advanced equipment coupled with state of the art computer software to help guide, control, and monitor all of a company's developmental needs.

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