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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Saulsbury Hill Financial LLC

Contact NameDavid J. Clamage
Title Managing Director
Email davidc@saulhill.com
Address 1754 Lafayette Street
Denver, CO 80218-1117
Phone (303) 629-8777 x 102
Fax (303) 629-7689
Partner Services Financier
Web Site http://www.saulhill.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
Saulsbury Hill Financial, LLC is a leading financier of energy savings performance contracts, CHP, and distributed generation systems for commercial buildings and federal, state, and local governments. Founded in 1976, Saulsbury Hill supports vendor, developer, and end-user-driven projects throughout the United States. The company also has funding capacity for project aggregation through which vendors, developers, utilities, and end-users may seek to achieve economies of scale by combining projects.

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