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Combined Heat and Power Partnership


Contact NameBarb Kantorski
Title Office Administrator
Email barbara.kantorski@tecogen.com
Address 45 First Ave.
Waltham, MA 02451
Phone (781) 466-6451
Fax (781) 466-6466
Partner Services Equipment Manufacturer
Web Site http://www.tecogen.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
Founded in 1984, Tecogen is an established manufacturer of reliable and efficient equipment for the on-site cogeneration of electricity, space heating, cooling, and hot water services. The natural gas-fueled modular systems are located in more than 800 installations and have delivered more than 35 million hours of total service at customer sites across the United States and abroad. Through years of development, testing, and commercial operation, the company's equipment has demonstrated reliability, efficiency, environmental emissions, and economic performance.

The TECOGEN cogeneration module, available in the 60 kW to 75 kW range, uses a natural gas-fired internal combustion engine to generate electricity. Exhaust heat is recovered to provide hot water, thereby eliminating the need for gas that is burned in a facility's boiler. Equipped with an induction generator and switchgear, the TECOGEN operates in parallel with the utility, simplifying interconnection requirements.

The TECOGEN Emission Control System is clean and nonpolluting. State-of-the-art emissions controls have allowed Tecogen to meet stringent air quality requirements in the United States, including the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) standards established by the South Coast Air Quality Management District in California. The rich-burn engine's exhaust is treated with a three-way catalyst, designed to simultaneously reduce NOx, CO, and HC levels from a natural gas engine.

Tecogen's products are supported through its own network of field service and installation centers in California and the East Coast and Great Lakes regions. All field technicians are dedicated exclusively to servicing Tecogen equipment.

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