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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Texas CHP Initiative

Contact NameRich Herweck
Title President, Executive Director
Email herweck@texaschpi.org
Address P.O. Box 1462
Austin, TX 78767
Phone (972) 979-4737
Partner Services Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Web Site http://www.texaschpi.org Exit EPA Disclaimer
Texas CHP Initiative (TXCHPI) is a non-profit association of business interests that support clean, energy-efficient, combined heat and power (CHP) technology applications in industrial, commercial, and institutional settings in Texas. TXCHPI champions CHP as the most effective, economical, and environmentally sensible energy option for Texas. TXCHPI is an industry-led 503(c)(6) advocacy group committed to promoting and implementing CHP in the state of Texas.

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