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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

TVC Systems

Contact NameLinda Tyring
Title President
Email linda@tvcsystems.com
Address 284 Constitution Avenue
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone (603) 431-5251
Fax (603) 431-8909
Partner Services Equipment Manufacturer
Web Site http://www.tvcsystems.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
TVC Systems is a national and international control and information systems integration company. The company specializes in industrial control systems and SCADAs for combined heat and power plants, distributed power plants, boiler plants, central utility plants, chiller plants, campus and facility distribution systems, and energy centers.

TVC has over 25 years of experience in CHP applications including control of power generation systems based on steam boilers, combustion turbines, steam turbines, and reciprocating engines. TVC has been responsible for power, heating, and cooling university campuses, international airports, research facilities, district heating and cooling plants in major cities, industrial complexes, office complexes, and military bases.

TVC has worked with many manufacturers of CHP plant components and has extensive knowledge and experience in the interface of balance of plant control systems.

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