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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

UMass Medical School

Contact NameJoseph P. Collins
Title Director, Energy Resources
Email joseph.collins@umassmed.edu
Address 55 Lake Ave. North
Worcester, MA 01655
Phone (508) 856-2220
Fax (508) 856-2644
Partner Services End-user
Web Site http://www.umassmed.edu Exit EPA Disclaimer
UMass Medical School Power Plant operated for its first 25 years as a 250 psi steam plant producing electricity and chilled water with 250 psi turbines and heating with 50 psi extraction steam. The facility is a central plant supplying steam, chilled water, and electricity to a 58 acre Medical Research School and teaching hospital campus. In 2000, in support of expansion of the Medical School, two 1100 psig boilers with flue gas recirculation, one 1100 psig topping turbine, and one 50 psi extraction matching steam drive chiller were added, creating a tri-gen steam plant. The plant now has three consecutive steam turbines driven by three different pressures that supply approximately 50 percent of total campus electrical needs while meeting all heating and cooling process requirements.

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