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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

U.S. Energy Services

Contact NameMathew Haakenstad
Title Account Manager
Email mhaakenstad@usenergyservices.com
Address 605 North Highway 169 Suite 1200
Plymouth, MN 55401
Phone (763) 543-4600
Fax (763) 543-4603
Partner Services Consultant/Engineering
Web Site http://www.usenergyservices.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
U.S. Energy Services is an independently owned energy management, consulting, and engineering company focused on micromanagement of its clients' natural gas and electric requirements. Its objective is to generate savings so its clients will have the lowest per unit energy costs among their regional peers. The company helps its clients manage their energy risk by taking advantage of competition wherever possible and by putting them in a position of increased control over their energy costs.

In the right applications, CHP can help U.S. Energy Services clients meet these objectives. The proper mix of plant thermal load requirements, electric and gas pricing, CHP technology, and operating staff knowledge can result in a successful project. U.S. Energy Services functions essentially as an "energy department" for its clients, so if CHP makes economic and operational sense for them, U.S. Energy Services will pursue it. This type of evaluation fits within the company's mix of products and services, which includes energy accounting and bill verification, gas and electric supply procurement, gas physical and financial hedging, in-plant energy analysis and auditing, gas and electric tariff analysis and optimization, and many additional supporting services. The key is for CHP to be applies in settings where it makes sense for the long term, and U.S. Energy Services views the CHP Partnership as a vehicle for helping to make this happen.

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