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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

U.S. Energy Source LLC

Contact NameKen Terpack
Title Owner
Email kterpack@usenergysource.com
Address 107 Old Forge Rd
Millington, NJ 07946
Phone (908) 346-4646
Fax (908) 636-2561
Partner Services Consultant/Engineering
Web Site http://usenergysource.com/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
U.S. Energy Source LLC is a small 6 year old company specializing in energy procurement in deregulated states, specifically in the New York - New Jersey - Philadelphia region. The company is licensed by the NJBPU and NYPUC, and has over 1,000 clients. U.S. Energy Sources is looking to expand its services to include CHP, as it is a natural extension of the company's business to help clients further reduce their costs and their environmental footprint.

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