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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

City of Palm Desert - Energy Independence Program (PACE)

dCHPP Glossary (PDF) (2 pp, 53K)

Date Last Updated5/15/2013
Incentive TypeCommercial PACE; Loan
Incentive Administrator/Contact OfficeThe City of Palm Desert
Incentive Initiation Date8/28/2008
Incentive Size and Funding SourceThe Palm Desert Energy Independence Program (EIP) offers affordable financing for major energy-saving property improvements that is paid back through an assessment on property taxes. The minimum loan amount is $5,000, while the maximum loan amount is $100,000. Loans are repaid over a maximum of 20 years. The interest rate will not exceed 10%. Approximately $9 million is currently available for EIP loans.
Eligible RecipientHome and business owners with qualifying energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy projects.
Eligible FuelDoes Not Specify
Eligible Project Size (MW)Does Not Specify
Minimum Efficiency Required (%)Does Not Specify
Other Selected Eligibility CriteriaCHP systems fall under the Custom Measure Track. Custom measures will only be funded for EIP Loans if sufficient proof of energy savings is provided to the Office of Energy Management that the measure will reduce usage by 20%. Renewable energy sources (other than solar), such as wind, geothermal, and potentially solar hydrogen fuel cells, as well as more complex and innovative energy management solutions and emerging technologies such as natural gas fuel cells, are listed as eligible for consideration under the Custom Measure Track. EIP encourages the developments of technologies as a means of diversifying the city's energy sources.
Application Form(s)EIP Loan Application (PDF) (9 pp, 1.28M)
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