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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

CEFIA CHP Projects Pilot Program

dCHPP Glossary (PDF) (2 pp, 53K)

Date Last Updated11/16/2012
Incentive TypeLoan; Grant
Incentive Administrator/Contact OfficeConnecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA)
Incentive Initiation Date6/18/2012
Incentive Expiration Date2/27/2015
Incentive Size and Funding SourceThe Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority seeks proposals for grants, loans, loan enhancements or power purchase incentives to help finance the cost of CHP equipment for energy-generating projects. Projects must be in the development phase and cannot already be under construction.

The program budget is $5 million. Individual awards are not a fixed amount based on size or cost and will vary based on the specific technology, efficiency and economics of the installation. However, funding will not exceed the equivalent of $450 per kilowatt of nameplate rated capacity. Financial support is intended to help project developers achieve a fair and reasonable payback and return on investment during the life of the project compared to purchasing the equivalent amount of power, fuel oil and/or gas from a utility.
Eligible RecipientCommercial, industrial and institutional customers in CL&P or UI service territories are eligible to participate in this program.
Eligible FuelDoes Not Specify
Eligible Project Size (MW)Less than or equal to 5.0 MW
Minimum Efficiency Required (%)Does Not Specify
Other Selected Eligibility CriteriaOther Requirements:
  • Project must generate power from a commercially available CHP system.
  • Project must generate electricity for on-site use, with the ability to sell excess electricity to the wholesale marketplace.
  • Applicant must agree to accept the standard Financial Assistance Agreement "as is" except for technical revisions or project-specific revisions required due to special features of a particular project.
UtilityConnecticut Light & Power and the United Illuminating Company
Application Form(s)CHP Projects Application (15 pp, 320K)
Other Incentive DetailsCEFIA places a strong emphasis on evaluating the financial feasibility of each proposed installation, as well as the applicant?s ability to complete construction in a timely manner.
Resource Website(s) http://www.energizect.com/businesses/programs/Combined-Heat-Power exit EPA

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