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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Connecticut Clean Energy Fund

Date Last Updated6/7/2013
Policy TypePublic Benefits Fund
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeClean Energy Finance and Investment Authority
Policy Initiation Date1/1/1998
Policy SummaryConnecticut's 1998 electric restructuring legislation (Conn. Gen. Stat. 16-245m and 16-245n) created separate funds to support energy efficiency and renewable energy including CHP -- the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF). The CEEF is funded by a surcharge of $0.003/kWh on electric bills and focuses on efficiency projects, including but not limited to conservation and load management programs, research, development and commercialization of products or processes which are more energy-efficient than those generally available, and certain demand-side technology programs -- all of which could be supportive of CHP. Funding for the CCEF comes from a surcharge of $0.001 per kWh on certain electricity sales and can be invested in various renewables, including "usable electricity from combined heat and power systems with waste heat recovery systems." These charges only apply to investor-owned utilities in the state.

Legislation passed in July 2011 completely restructured the Clean Energy Fund and created the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority. Under this new structure, the rate payer funds can be leveraged to raise private investment and further support renewable and clean energy development in the state.

Each of Connecticut's municipal electric utilities is also required by statute (Conn. Gen. Stat. 7-233y) to establish a fund for renewables, energy efficiency, and conservation and load management programs (the statute does not mention CHP specifically, but it would appear to be covered by these categories).

Funding for CHP projects provided by these resources would be found under related dCHPP incentive types (e.g., loan, grant, or rebate).
CHP Eligibility RequirementsDoes Not Specify
Eligible Project Size (MW)Does Not Specify
Minimum Efficiency Required/
Other Performance Requirements
Does Not Specify
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