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Maine Net-Metering Rules

Date Last Updated6/6/2014
Policy TypeNet-Metering Policy
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeMaine Public Utilities Commission
Policy Initiation Date1/1/1987
Policy SummaryNet-metering is available to CHP that meets certain efficiency and size requirements. LD 336 adopted in April 2009 amended net metering rules, including high efficiency micro-CHP systems as eligible. Net metering had been available in Maine from 1987 to 1
CHP Eligibility RequirementsBoth fossil-fueled and renewably-fueled CHP systems are eligible for net-metering.
Eligible Project Size (MW)Micro-CHP systems <660kW are eligible to net-meter. <100 MW for fuel cell CHP or anaerobic digester gas fueled CHP systems are potentially eligible to net-meter.
Minimum Efficiency Required/
Other Performance Requirements
Micro-CHP <30 kW must achieve combined electrical and thermal efficiency of 80% or greater, and micro-CHP systems between 30 kW and 660 kW must achieve combined efficiency of 65% or greater.
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