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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Michigan Climate Action Plan

Date Last Updated8/5/2013
Policy TypeState Climate Change Plan
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeDepartment of Environmental Quality - Michigan Climate Action Council
Policy Initiation Date3/1/2009
Policy SummaryIn 2007, Governor Jennifer Granholm issued Executive Order No. 2007 42 which led to the release of the Michigan Climate Action Plan in 2009.

Policy recommendation ES-7, Integrated Resource Planning including Combined Heat and Power, focuses on refining Michigan's existing IRP to meet the reliability, environmental, public health and economic policies of the state. Policy recommendation ES-13, Combined Heat and Power Standards, Incentives and/or Barrier Removal, encourages the development of CHP projects in Michigan and concludes that it is "necessary to revise regulatory policies and remove institutional barriers to allow distributed renewable energy and CHP systems to compete on a level playing field with other sources of electric and thermal energy." Policy recommendation ES-15a, Transmission Access and Upgrades, recommends transmission system additions and upgrades to improve system reliability and management, including improving access for new generation such as CHP to interconnect to the grid. Policy recommendation ES-15b, Distribution System Access and Upgrades, recommends similar upgrades to the distribution system that will enable CHP projects to interconnect. ES-15b also suggests addressing barriers to distribution system access in order to facilitate greater adoption of CHP.
Policy Targets/Compliance DeadlinesThe Michigan plan set a goal for CHP facilities to account for up to 10% of annual electricity sales by 2020. This would be accomplished with a phase-in beginning in 2010, equivalent to installing 15% of in-state CHP technical potential (180-2,000 MW) at commercial and industrial facilities by 2020.
Resource Website(s) http://www.michigan.gov/deq/0,4561,7-135-50990-213752--,00.html exit EPA

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