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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Minnesota Climate Mitigation Action Plan

Date Last Updated8/5/2013
Policy TypeState Climate Change Plan
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeMinnesota Climate Change Advisory Group
Policy Initiation Date4/1/2008
Policy SummaryIn April 2008, the Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group issued its final report with recommendations to the Governor for reducing Minnesota's GHG emissions.

Chapter 3 of the Minnesota Climate Mitigation Action Plan details recommendations for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and recommends CHP as one way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota as well as improve energy efficiency. Policy No. RCI-4, Incentives and Resources to Promote Combined Heat and Power, recommends that the state adopt incentives and resources to promote CHP including:
  • Provision of tax benefits, attractive financing arrangements, utility rebates, and other incentives to promote CHP technologies.
  • Removal of barriers to CHP development, such as utility rate structures (discounted electric rates that compete with CHP) and interconnection standards (which should be designed to facilitate economical and efficient CHP connection to the grid).
  • Full consideration of the economic and environmental benefits of CHP as a resource in each electric utility's integrated resource plan.
Policy Targets/Compliance DeadlinesAchieve 50% of technical potential for CHP in Minnesota.
Resource Website(s) http://www.pca.state.mn.us/index.php/topics/climate-change/
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