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New Hampshire Interconnection Standards

Date Last Updated8/13/2014
Policy TypeInterconnection Standard
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeNew Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC)
Policy Initiation Date1/12/2001
Policy SummaryThe PUC has established interconnection rules for net-metered systems including CHP. The PUC's rules distinguish between small customer-generators (up to 100 kilowatts) and large customer-generators (between 100 kW and 1 MW), and apply to all types of utilities. Interconnection for systems >1 MW is generally governed by each utility's interconnection practices as set forth in the utility's tariff filed with the PUC. CHP systems that use natural gas, wood pellets, hydrogen or heating oil are eligible under the standards.

The interconnection provisions include timelines for the application process and inspection process, and guidance for technical studies and analysis. Systems that connect to the grid using inverters that meet IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 safety standards do not require an external disconnect device. However, the customer-generator assumes all risks and consequences associated with the absence of a switch. Utilities also cannot require customers to purchase or maintain property insurance or comprehensive personal liability insurance, although a mutual indemnity agreement is generally required. Procedures for dispute resolution are not addressed in the rules.
CHP Eligibility RequirementsNet-metered CHP systems that use natural gas, wood pellets, hydrogen, propane or heating oil are eligible for standardized interconnection, along with fuel cells using renewable fuels, and other renewably fueled systems. CHP systems <30 KW must have an efficiency of at least 80%. CHP systems between 30 kW and 1 MW must have a fuel system efficiency of at least 65%. In addition, CHP can only contribute up to 4 MW under the aggregate net-metering capacity limit of 50 MW.
Eligible Project Size (MW)Standardized interconnection applies to systems up to 1 MW.
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