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New Hampshire Net-Metering Rules

Date Last Updated5/15/2013
Policy TypeNet-Metering Policy
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeNew Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
Policy Initiation Date1/1/1998
Policy SummaryNet-metering rules were first enacted in New Hampshire in 1998, and have subsequently been amended several times. The rules require all utilities selling electricity in the state to offer net-metering to customers who own or operate distributed generation systems <1 MW including landfill gas and CHP systems. Eligible CHP systems are those that use natural gas, wood pellets, hydrogen, propane or heating oil.

The rules for net-metering distinguish between small customer-generators (up to 100 kilowatts) and large customer-generators (greater than 100 kW and up to 1 MW). The rules vary slightly for each customer type. CHP systems up to 30 kW must have a system efficiency of at least 80% to be eligible. CHP systems greater than 30 kW and up to 1 MW must have a fuel system efficiency of at least 65%.

The aggregate capacity of all net-metered systems in a utility's service territory is limited to 1% of the utility's annual peak energy demand. Any customer net excess generation (NEG) during a billing cycle is credited to the customer's next bill and carried forward indefinitely. At the end of a 12-month period, customers may choose to receive payment for any NEG at the utility's avoided-cost rate. Customers retain ownership of any renewable energy credits associated with net-metered generation.

Systems <100 kW use a single meter that measures both the inflow and outflow of electricity internally. Larger systems must use a bi-directional meter. Additional meters are installed at the utility's expense.

Legislation enacted in May 2012 (HB 1296) allowed CHP systems to account for up to 4 MW of the state's aggregate net-metering capacity limit of 50 MW. This new law took effect July 13, 2012.
CHP Eligibility RequirementsBoth fossil-fueled and renewably-fueled CHP systems are eligible for net-metering.
Eligible Project Size (MW)Systems <1 MW are eligible to net-meter.
Minimum Efficiency Required/
Other Performance Requirements
A CHP system >1 kW but <30 kW must have a fuel system efficiency of at least 80%. A system >30 kW but <1 MW must have a fuel system efficiency of at least 65%.
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