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Oklahoma Net-Metering Rules

Date Last Updated6/9/2014
Policy TypeNet-Metering Policy
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeOklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC)
Policy Initiation Date5/23/1988
Policy SummaryNet-metering has been available for CHP systems in Oklahoma since 1988 under OCC Order 326195. The OCC's rules require investor-owned utilities and most electric cooperatives under the commission's jurisdiction to file net-metering tariffs for customer-owned renewable-energy systems and CHP facilities up to 100 kW in capacity. Net-metering is available to all customer classes. There is no limit on the amount of aggregate net-metered capacity in a utility's territory.

Utilities are not allowed to impose extra charges for customers signed up for net-metering, nor are they allowed to require new liability insurance as a condition for interconnection. Utilities are also not required to purchase net excess generation (NEG) from customers. However, a customer may request that the utility purchase NEG. If the utility agrees, then NEG will be purchased at the utility's avoided-cost rate.
CHP Eligibility RequirementsBoth fossil-fueled and renewably-fueled CHP systems are eligible for net-metering.
Eligible Project Size (MW)Systems up to 100 kW are eligible to net-meter.
Minimum Efficiency Required/
Other Performance Requirements
Does Not Specify
Resource Website(s) http://programs.dsireusa.org/system/program/detail/286 exit EPA

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