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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Oklahoma Renewable Energy Goal

Date Last Updated11/20/2012
Policy TypePortfolio Standard
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeOklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC)
Policy Initiation Date5/27/2010
Policy SummaryOklahoma's Renewable Energy Goal for electric utilities includes CHP as an eligible resource. The goal calls for 15% of the total installed generation capacity in the State to be derived from renewable sources or energy efficiency by 2015. There are no interim targets and the goal does not extend past 2015. Distributed generation facilities and demand side management (DSM) measures qualify. Energy efficiency can also be used to meet up to 25% of the goal.
CHP Eligibility RequirementsRenewably-fueled CHP systems and waste heat-to-power systems qualify under the goal. Distributed generation is eligible provided it uses an eligible renewable energy resource where the generating facility or any integrated cluster of such facilities has an installed generating capacity of not more than 5 MW. Waste heat-to-power qualifies as a DSM measure. DSM includes industrial by-product technologies consisting of the use of a by-product from an industrial process, including the reuse of energy from exhaust gases or other manufacturing by-products that are used in the direct production of electricity at the facility of a customer.
Eligible Project Size (MW)Systems <5 MW are eligible.
Minimum Efficiency Required/
Other Performance Requirements
Does Not Specify
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