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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Oregon Strategy for Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Date Last Updated8/5/2013
Policy TypeState Climate Change Plan
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeOregon Department of Energy
Policy Initiation Date12/17/2004
Policy SummaryThe Oregon Strategy for Greenhouse Gas Reduction includes several recommendations which if implemented may improve the economic feasibility of CHP: EE-2 recommends consideration of electric rate design measures that reflect daily and seasonal peak demand, as well as implementation of voluntary demand-response programs. GEN-2 recommends a number of measures to potentially reduce GHG emissions, some of which would support CHP. GEN-3 supports PUC review of rules and tariffs for renewable and CHP facilities. The report notes that the Oregon Department of Energy participated in OPUC proceedings to adopt standard tariffs and rates for renewable and CHP facilities under 10 MW and those tariffs are now in place.
Resource Website(s) http://www.oregon.gov/ENERGY/GBLWRM/Pages/Strategy.aspx exit EPA

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