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Utah Interconnection Standards

Date Last Updated8/13/2014
Policy TypeInterconnection Standard
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeUtah Public Service Commission (PSC)
Policy Initiation Date3/15/2002
Policy SummaryUtah has interconnection guidelines for systems including CHP. Utah requires the state's only investor-owned utility, Rocky Mountain Power (RMP), and most electric cooperatives to offer net-metering to customers who generate electricity using solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, hydrogen, biomass, landfill gas or geothermal energy. The bill that required net-metering also contains some general interconnection requirements. Utah's rules for interconnection include provisions for three levels of interconnection for systems <20 MW in capacity, based on system complexity:
  • Level 1: applies to inverter-based systems <25 kW. These systems must comply with the IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 standards, and other applicable standards. An external disconnect switch is not required.
  • Level 2: applies to systems with a maximum capacity >25 kW and up to 2 MW that fail to qualify for Level 1 interconnection. These systems also must comply with the IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 standards, and must be connected to the distribution grid. An external disconnect switch may be required. There are specific limitations on a single system's potential impact and the aggregate potential impact on the grid under Level 2 interconnection, and the review process is more involved than the review process for Level 1 interconnection.
  • Level 3: applies to systems up to 20 MW that do not qualify for either Level 1 or Level 2 interconnection. Level 3 interconnection requirements may require studies involving project scope, feasibility and grid impact. Any study fees will be invoiced to the interconnection customer, but are not to exceed 125% of the utility's non-binding "good faith estimate" of the cost of the study.
For systems up to 2 MW, the utility may not require additional liability insurance. All other interconnection customers are required to obtain "prudent amounts of general liability insurance," but no specific amounts are specified. The guidelines also include procedures for dispute resolution.
CHP Eligibility RequirementsOnly renewably-fueled CHP systems are eligible for standardized interconnection.
Eligible Project Size (MW)Standardized interconnection applies to systems up to 20 MW.
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